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Hand Dynamometer Grip Test


Hand Dynamometer Grip Testing:

Reason for performing test:

Grip evaluation provides a consistency observation based on a static measure within the FCE that allows actual maximal grip strength levels at preset positions of the hand and wrist.

Procedure (detail):


Use of equipment during testing:

The Jamar grip dynamometer is the recommended piece of equipment to use for this evaluation. Jamar has provided the most comprehensive validity and grip information in the industry for use with upper extremity strength. However, newer devices are being brought to market which provide actual force time curves and ulnar radial force monitoring ability.


  Data collection and correlation (what is being measured, observed, and how):

Used to provide measurement of maximal grip strength.

Used to observe a component of consistency during the F.C.E. - failure to provide consistent grip information can be a suggestion of inappropriate effort on other portions of the evaluation.

It should be noted that consistency of body position is important due to the fact that changing body posture or arm positions can affect the maximal effort readings.


  Expected results or normally viewed patterns:

Expected results and plotting of the forces produced at each of the five (5) positions should form a commonly shaped curve with greatest forces noted at position 2 or 3, however, specific job tasks performed over time can create stronger forces at different locations in the plotting. You are looking for consistency of curve structure. Curves should be consistent in shape comparing right to left hand.

  Signs of inconsistent readings



  Typical substitution patterns

Use of accessory movements can alter the results of the testing. Monitor client position and hand/arm position. Do not allow the client to lean forward in chair.

  Supporting documentation

  What information needs to be included in report



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