The Workhab Functional Capacity Evaluation is designed for rehabilitation professionals providing information and objective data required to safely return workers to the job.

Workhab has been providing FCE training and customer support internationally for over 9 years.

WorkHab Australia has produced the FCEase software with the expertise of the Internet Software Development Company Web Alliance. The software is available for use by registered users of the WorkHab Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Using Internet technology it is possible to offer all registered providers access to advanced software capabilities without the requirement for purchasing and maintaining expensive software.

The use of an Internet based system will also enable WorkHab to keep valuable statistics on such areas as injury types and evaluation results. This information can then be used for research and further development of the FCE tool, which will ultimately benefit all providers using the system.

What the FCEase Software will Do

Eliminate the time required for tedious manual calculations Provide greater accuracy of calculations Produce professional looking graphs and tables Provide you with an easy to read results sheet from which to base your recommendations
What the FCEase Software won't do

The software will not prepare your final report with conclusions and recommendations. Trained professionals are required to make the results meaningful and relevant for each case.

Please read Essential Information before proceeding to use the software.