Essential Information

Essential Information

Please read the following information prior to commencing use of the FCEase software.

How to get started

For first time users only, follow the prompt on the front screen "Click here to register your company"

and enter the following details

Company name - this will be used on the bottom of your results sheet

Login code - a code to identify your company when you log on to the system eg an abbreviation of your company name, or initials

Password - Enter a password that your company will use to log on to the system. Please note that this password will enable evaluators to use your pre-paid assessments and therefore it is wise to change the password when an evaluator leaves your employment.

Password Hint - to avoid forgetting your password you can leave yourself a hint. E.g. "the bosses dog's name"

Email - this will be used for future contact

Country - This information is used to determine whether you require metric or imperial measurement

Printer - The system will provide the graphs in colour if the colour printer is seleted. Otherwise a version of the graphs suitable for black and white printers will be provided.

Licence Number - enter a valid Licence Number for one evaluator. The system will not permit you to proceed if you do not have a registered evaluator. Plesae contact WorkHab if you have not received your Licence Number. Additional evaluators may be entered using the Maintain Provider screen.

Important Data Entry Details

Use the Tab key to advance between fields. Do not try to move between fields by pressing enter.

Please do not use the browsers Back Button except when instructed to do so (when viewing graphs). You may loose the data you have entered if you use the back button to leave a screen. The site works best when you use the buttons provided (ie Update, Exit, Cancel)

Entry of dates - Dates are entered and displayed in day month year format. You can enter 10 3 which is the 10th march in the current year. You can also enter T for todays date, Y or T-1 for yesterday, T+1 for tomorrow, etc.

Update - the update button will save any information you have entered into that screen
Exit or Cancel - the exit and cancel buttons will escape from that screen without saving changes
Help - the help button will take you to the contents of the help file

Technical Tips

· We strongly recommend connecting to FCEase via a 56K modem or above. You may be frustrated by the response times if you are using a slower speed modem.

· FCEase ideally needs a minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600, but higher resolutions will give better viewing.

· This site makes use of graphics produced with Macromedia's Flash. If you do not have the Flash player installed, it should be downloaded automatically. You can also visit to download the Flash4 player.

· FCEase has been tested against Internet Explorer Version 4 and above, and Netscape 4.61 and above. If you are using Internet Explorer as opposed to Netscape, you will have the advantage of having tool tips displaying field context help when you leave the mouse over a field or button. However Netscape gives a slightly better view of the graphs and final report.

· FCEase is written using ColdFusion, a programming language provided by a company called Macromedia. You may get messages asking if you wish to install and run some programs distributed by Macromedia Corporation. We recommend that you check the "Always trust content from Macromedia Corporation" box, and say "Yes" to the install and run question.

· FCEase makes use of Java to display some of the graphs on the web pages. While newer PC's no longer come with Java installed by default, it is easy to download and install (and it's free). If the graphs do not display, go to and download and install the Java Software.

· You will need Adobe Reader to view reports. This can be downloaded and installed for free from

· FCEase makes use of Cookies, which are pieces of information that will be written to your hard disk by yor browser. If you have disabled cookies in your browser, you may experience difficulties in running FCEase. We recommend that you set your browser preferences to enable cookies.

Further Information

To find our more about WorkHab Functional Capacity Profiling visit the WorkHab site on

Email help

Further information can also be obtained from the online help